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Modeling Democracy at Home: An Approach for Family Life 

Talking with Young Children About Equity

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As recent events have rocked our nation and left many of us questioning the health of our democracy, it occurred to us that at its core, PEP's parenting approach is about teaching democracy in the home. The first place where a person experiences democracy is in the family, as a child. 

With PEP's principles, children learn how to belong to – and function as – a group.

For: All Parents

When: Wed., February 24

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Parents, are you searching for ways to talk with young children about recognizing and respecting the differences in others? 

Together we can tackle our most pressing questions concerning how to navigate tricky conversations or questions with children and their families.

For: Parents of children age 6 and younger; guidance for elementary ages also provided

When: Thurs. March 11 & 18 

8 - 9:00 p.m. EST

In Partnership with Wonders Early Learning + Extended Day

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