Volunteer Opportunity - Generations Together

Message from Matt Anton, World Studies Teacher and co-sponsor with Becky Gibbs.

Greetings Frost Community!

I hope you are doing well. This is Matt Anton, World Studies teacher at Frost and co-sponsor - along with Science teacher Becky Gibbs - of the Generations Together after-school club. We connect students with the residents of the Village of Rockville in order to do something positive for both groups. As you probably know, these days of COVID-19 have been particularly hard on residents of facilities like the Village. We would like to make students aware of ways they could reach out to Village residents in order to help them feel less isolated and lift their spirits.

Here are some ideas of ways students could help:

  • Send in cards you've created with heartfelt messages inside.
  • Send in a picture of yourself holding up a positive message.
  • Record yourself exhibiting one of your talents or interests: reading a poem, singing a song, playing an instrument, building a model, explaining a concept, etc.
  • Become a penpal with one of the residents. If you were interested, you'd be matched you up with someone at the Village who would also like to do this.
  • The Village would be very open to any of your other creative ideas.
  • Ms. Isabel (see below) also suggested recently that she would like to connect students with residents in a mentor/mentee relationship, so students interested in this option could let her know.

Ms. Isabel Bouchard is the Volunteer Coordinator at the Village, so she would be the person to contact if students are interested in participating. Her email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and her phone number at the Village is 301-424-9560 Ext. 15054. When students connect with her, Ms. Isabel would let them know about the media release form they and their parent/guardian would need to complete if they were submitting a recording of themselves, and she would handle the distribution of SSL hours, as well.

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