Yes, there will be a yearbook! Submit your photos now

The Yearbook Club is looking for your photos!

This year's yearbook will be...unique, to say the least.  Make sure to submit your child's photos and order a copy by February 21 (the final deadline). They will not order extra yearbooks this year so if you're interested in one, you'll want to order it in advance. Go to to order.

Here are a few suggestions of the type of photos to submit:

  • Due by Feb. 11:
    • Photos of Halloween, Pink Day, holiday sweater (spirit week)
    • Photos in school gear
    • Photos outside (on walks, outings with family)
  • Due by March 19:
    • Photos with family, friends*, and pets
    • Photos during virtual learning/study set up
    • Photos of achievements and accomplishments
    • Photos of sports
    • Any club related activities, etc.!

If you have an 8th grader, you can also order Recognition ads. These are due by February 8.

Please submit photos to Ms. Yun Lee, Yearbook Advisor, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Starting Feb. 8, you can submit your child's portrait through the YBK+ app or by visiting

Watch this brief video from Jostens:


* When including other children in your photos, please make sure you have received permission to use the photo before submission.

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