Yes, You Can Lead!

you can leadYes - You! 

Our continuity and success as PTAs depends on dedicated and committed members, ready to contribute their skills, talents, creativity and energy to the organization. 
Yes - You!
As a strong organization, we need the diversity of our membership and our school communities to be present in our leadership. All the different experiences, knowledge, and perspectives help to move us forward.
Yes - You!
Whether you've been a PTA member for a year or 20. Whether your child is in kindergarten or ready to cross the graduation stage. No matter your first language. No matter where you live. Even if you aren't exactly sure what are Roberts' Rules or who Robert is.  If you care about the children in your community, in the county, in the state, and in our nation - You can lead! 
Join us for our next MCCPTA Training workshop to learn more about the PTA offices, what is expected in these roles and how you can continue as a leader in your local unit, at MCCPTA and even state and National PTA.
Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 6:30 pm.

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