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SSL Hours

Student Service Learning (SSL) Hours

The MCPS SSL high school graduation requirement is 75 hours, but students may start earning hours over the summer prior to sixth grade. Information regarding SSL, as well as downloadable SSL forms may be found at the MCPS SSL page. As always, there are changes from year to year regarding what activities and which organizations are approved for service.

There are two main reasons students are denied credit for student service learning activities. The #1 reason for denial of credit is failure to obtain pre-approval for activities that are performed with agencies that are not listed on the MCPS approved organization list. The #2 reason for denial of credit is failure to submit hours before the required deadline.

Learn more about SSL Opportunities and the Verification of Hours process at the RFMS SSL page or the MCPS SSL page.

How do you check your SSL hours?

You can see your total of SSL hours earned on Student/Parent Vue.

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