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Student Service Learning (SSL)

Volunteers Needed We are looking for at least 15 parent/community volunteers to work with your 7th grade students from Robert Frost MS at JA Finance Park® Montgomery (12501 Dalewood Dr Silver Spring, MD) on January 15th,16th and 17th from 9:10 am-2:10 pm. Check out these videos to learn more!

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Important Dates

January 9 from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm - Outdoor Ed. Parent Night

January 14 from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm - PTA Meeting


PTA Board and Chair for 2019-2020 schoolyear



Robert Frost PTSA Bylaws

Our Bylaws (PDF version) will be renewed at the next meeting (March 12, 2019) without any changes.

Why should you join the PTSA?

Robert Frost Middle School PTSA flyer

PTA membership is our ONLY fundraiser for the school. Joining the PTA allows us to help support the students, teachers and staff at Robert Frost. Your $40 PTA dues help fund:

• Outdoor Education • 6TH Grade Social • School Beautification • Book Fair • Student Support (field trips) • Programs for Parents • Technology • Staff Appreciation • After School Clubs (which includes activity busesfor students who stay after school for sports, Dessert Theater and clubs) • Teacher Stipends for the After School Clubs • Student Events and Speakers • Student Recognition

$5 of your donation goes towards your directory and another $5 goes towards the State and Local PTA’s. The remaining $30 is what helps us do all these wonderful things at Frost. Please join the PTA today.

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Did you buy your house so that your kids would go to Frost and Wootton? You are going to want to know what is going on……….

Did you miss the Wootton Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Testimony to the Board of Education on 11/8? Everyone is busy, but please read below and consider writing the BOE regarding Wootton cluster building issues, the email is The message will go to all BOE members.

• Wootton was scheduled to be next high school for a renovation/expansion and was set to break ground in the summer of 2019. • Wootton was built in 1970 • It rests on the smallest footprint in the county yet has the fifth largest enrollment • The hallways and stairwells are unsafe due to overcrowding • students eat lunch sitting on the floors in hallways • there are not enough stalls in bathrooms • the ineffective HVAC system causes tremendous temperature swings throughout the building • the building does not meet ADA codes • the bus drop off/pick up is not safe as students • cars and buses all share the same narrow passage • a $300K mold remediation was done over the summer

MCPS did a feasibility study in 2016, which involved multiple meetings with the Wootton community, and the planning process was to kick off this past Spring. Just as the planning process was set to begin, the new MCPS Superintendent decided to change the formula for determining the order in which schools are renovated. Wootton now no longer has a project date, and timelines for improvements to both Cold Spring and Fallsmead have been impacted as well.

Here is a letter from the superintendent to the Board: CIPPolicyTransitionOct2017

Here is the Wootton Cluster pages from the CIP document: CIPPolicy-Wootton Cluster

You can find the full CIP document here: MCPS-CIPMaster

Quick Links to Stay Connected for Wootton CIP:

CIP Master plan - Click Here

MCPS Public Participation - Click Here

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Important Dates

The last 2 PTA meetings for the school year will be held March 12th and May 14th at 7pm in the Media Center

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